Our MIT Roots

Our company began over a decade ago at MIT’s Sloan School of Management when a group of pioneering researchers began a quest to determine how to use information technology to create new ways of managing work. These MIT researchers developed an innovative process repository, the “Process Handbook” which now includes knowledge about over 5000 business processes and activities. It also includes a variety of software tools to edit and view this knowledge base. We at the Phios Corporation have an exclusive commercial license from MIT for the intellectual property resulting from the Process Handbook project. In addition, the key researchers who led the project at MIT are co-founders of Phios.

Founded in 1996, Phios privately financed and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Focus on Process and Knowledge Management

Phios believes that the next big opportunity in information technology is to help companies manage their processes and their knowledge more effectively, in the same way that earlier technologies have helped many companies manage their data more effectively. In fact, we are convinced that many successful companies in the 21st century will devote as much attention to managing their processes and knowledge as they currently devote to managing their products.

As more companies move in this direction, they will need more systematic ways of managing their process
es and knowledge. We believe that electronic repositories, which provide consistent and easy to use collections of processes and knowledge, are critical tools for leveraging a company’s business intelligence and process “know how”. They are the cornerstone of our software products and drive our approach to providing professional services for our clients. It is through their use we are able to help our clients dynamically manage processes and knowledge and build more effective businesses.